Warrior Nation!


The Winona State Football Players Association (FPA) is proud to help enhance the Warrior Football Game Day Experience and excited about the upcoming season! As you know, the Gameday festivities and tailgate is centered on Johnson Street and includes student area, street vendors, music, kids play area, picnic areas, President’s tent, FPA tent, student tents, the Warrior Walk with the police escort. The Game Day Experience is FREE and open to the public. 

As popularity, excitement and participation in the Game Day Experience continues to skyrocket, so do the demands for tailgate parking. On the following pages please see the parking plan for 2018. Please note that some of the parking spots have been assigned a different color this year and that all DIAMOND, PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE parking spots are RESERVED and each require an FPA Membership for each parking space. ALL VACANT GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE parking spaces will be opened to the public 90 minutes before kickoff.

As you may know, the FPA is 100% Warrior Football all the time and we are 100% supported by donations, so you know that your parking fee plays a key role in directly supporting the FPA and Warrior Football. To secure your FPA membership, please visit our website at WarriorsForLife.org. Even if you don’t plan on attending a game, please consider purchasing a parking spot and donating it back to the program to be re-sold on GameDay. It ALL goes back to football!



Parking assignments are based on the following criteria. The more that apply, the better your chances of getting the spot you want. While we will try to get you as close to your requested parking space as possible, we cannot guarantee the spot(s) you requested. 

Parking Space Selection Criteria

* FPA Member

* Hall of Fame

* Former WSU Football Player or Football Coach

* WSU Football Booster

* Warrior Club Member

* WSU Booster

* WSU Football Parent

* Multiple Parking spots requested



DIAMOND, PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE (Integrated Wellness Center) Main Tailgate Lot


  • Johnston Street –North and South and Market Street from East to West will be closed to auto traffic and reserved for tailgaters, pedestrian traffic and Game Day vendors.

  • The Football Players Association (FPA) Tent will be located on the SE Corner of the library with the Warrior Club tent to the north and the President’s Tent to the south. 
  • Other WSU Organization Tents will be located at various points around the tailgate. 

  • The 4 Corners is the “epicenter” of the GameDay experience, with live music, cheerleaders, dance team and other entertainment.

  •  The Warrior Walk starts at Somsen Hall and continue straight down Johnston Street through the tunnel to the stadium.

Click below for LOT DETAILS and REQUEST FORM