Springfest Post-Game Party CANCELLED



As we are all well aware, the Coronavirus scare continues to escalate, putting many people on edge, especially when traveling, or when in large groups in tight quarters. Whether or not you feel there is reason for concern, it’s an issue that weighs heavily on the minds of many people.

Therefore, the WSU Football Players Association has decided to cancel the April 25th Springfest football post game celebration “event under the tent” immediately following the Spring football game. HOWEVER, the Game Day Experience pre-game tailgate and the Spring Football Game ARE STILL ON as scheduled.

While the potential for exposure to the virus at this “tent event” could be low, we also recognize that it’s not the ideal time to be asking 400+ members of our football family and community to be comfortable in close proximity to one another under one tent. While we all hope the virus will be a thing of the past by the end of April, it’s also a possibility that it could be a more

serious issue by then, which would leave us making last minute cancellations with guests and vendors alike.

This event was slated to be a big part of the FPA community engagement and fundraising initiative for 2020, however, we didn’t want you and our other football family members to feel obligated to attend in the midst of this widening health scare. If you have already purchased tickets to the event, you can request a refund or you can donate your payment as a tax-deductible contribution to the FPA. Please do either at info@WarriorsForLife.org. To learn more about the FPA, to join our football family or to make a donation, please go to WarriorsForLife.org.

Revised Agenda: Saturday April 25th

Noon-Game Day Tailgate Pre-Game.—ON

2pm-Spring Football Game-ON

4-7pm FPA Springfest Tent Event-CANCELLED

Thank you for your continued support of the FPA and GO WARRIORS!


Scott Opfer


Football Players Association